Drowning, Charcoal drawing by Terra Fine
Drowning, charcoal on paper.

Edible Comfort creates a dialogue around consumption for comfort’s sake, taking the viewer on an intimate journey into dietary rituals.

Every day, we choose to swallow things based on the reward we believe will be received by doing so (i.e. more energy, longer life, vitality, tranquility, mental focus, comfort). By choosing to draw these instances, to freeze time and enlarge the subjects, I create the opportunity for reflection about what we absent-mindedly consume day to day, and what we actually gain from it.

From this series, the charcoal portrait Drowning was one of 61 works of art depicting addiction to be published in the book Addiction and Art by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Self Reflection in a Cup of Tea, charcoal drawing by Terra Fine
Self-Reflection in a Cup of Tea, charcoal on paper.
Mountain of Hope, charcoal drawing by Terra Fine
Mountain of Hope, charcoal on paper.
Liquid Ecstacy, charcoal drawing by Terra Fine
Liquid Ecstacy, charcoal on paper.
I'm Fine. You? charcoal drawing by Terra FIne
I’m Fine. You? charcoal on paper.