Terra Fine About Artist and Creative ConsultantArtist. Freelance Writer. Creative Consultant. Mama.

What influences me most are the overlooked, ignored, and forgotten elements of life, moments and people taken for granted in our hyperactive society. Through the use of charcoal, I provide an intimate atmosphere for reflection, discussion, and ultimately, change.


I have always been a builder, a maker of things. From small mud villages and tree houses as a child to various shelters and structures as an adolescent to choosing sculpture as my fine art emphasis in college, creating environments and building with my hands has always brought me joy.

Before my formal training in art, I spent 15 years excelling in customer service, PR and marketing, and business management.

In every job I’ve had, project collaboration was always my favorite. Working together with others, to create something fabulous (beyond what each person could do on their own) is my passion. Drawing on my skills as a visual artist and storyteller, I am able to take an idea and transform it into something tangible.

When I’m not creating art, I empower other creative beings to live their dreams and work as a freelance writer.

On the Personal Side…

Born and raised in northern Minnesota, I felt the outdoors was my true home. Believing I was able to commune with the animals, I fancied myself a mix between Dr. Dolittle and Jane Goodall.

I currently live and work in Charleston, South Carolina with my two young sons. Besides raising resilient children, I believe that Aikido, permaculture, and inquiry-based learning can change the world.

We’ll talk soon,

Terra Fine Signature Artist and Creative Consultant