Well, I had a new and fun experience as a sidewalk chalk (pastel) artist recently. This was the first year that Two Harbors has done the Chalk.o.Lot Festival and plans are underway to make next year’s even better. I was asked to join next year’s planning committee so hopefully, we can help get the word out for more artists to participate. It was a good time, though we’ll see how my back feels tomorrow!

chalk art festival hummingbird by Terra Fine

I chose to draw a hummingbird and flowers for my piece. It was ambitious… I almost didn’t finish it in time! I loved how the colors blended (tip: use a wet sponge to really work the color in) and there was a great response from those passing by.

This video does a great job of showing chalk artists in action, along with some tips on technique. Chalk art is so accessible; no one feels intimidated by drawing on the sidewalk. Kids and adults alike can join in the fun. And when the rain comes, the hours of work wash away. And that’s okay¬†because it’s all about the experience.

Have you tried your hand at sidewalk art? Tell me about your experience.

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